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Caravanning & Camping. The Thousand Star Vacation

The freedom to travel with a caravan or tent is still inspiring a huge number of people. At f.re.e, you will find everything you need for a camping vacation.

Motorhomes, camper vans and caravans at the fair

f.re.e. again offers an attractive Caravaning & Camping area. Here you will learn how to have a perfect vacation on the road.

Camping and traveling with a motorhome or caravan are in vogue. You will find the vehicle at f.re.e that exactly suits you. Regardless of whether family motorhome, customized camper van, cozy caravan or practical folding trailer, the possibilities are endless.

Let them show you the advantages of the different models and find the right vehicle for you.

Exhibition hall dislaying mobile homes, camping busses and caravans

Rolling home: motorhomes and panel vans

For a spontaneous getaway or a long tour, mobile homes make vacations more flexible. No wonder that caravans, panel vans and motorhomes are so popular. More motorhomes were registered in Germany than ever before.

f.re.e helps you to obtain an overview of the huge offer and find out about the latest technical opportunities.

Get an impression of the different models, upgrade your own motorhome with new accessories and plan your next trip to the most beautiful places in the world. f.re.e is the best starting point.

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Numerous different camping vehicles can be found at f.re.e.
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Set up your tent: the offer at the fair is huge!

Camping is a way of life. Regardless of whether family or individual vacation, camping enables maximum individual travel freedom.

In order for camping to be a lot of fun, you need the right camping gear. At f.re.e, you will find everything that your camper's heart could desire from family tent to pop-up tents and equipment for trips into the mountains.

Grill, herrings, roof racks or awnings and camping chairs: at f.re.e you can add perfectly to your camping gear and supplement it for your next vacation.

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The complete offer of camping equipment and accessories can be tested.

Overview of the inexhaustible trade fair offer in Caravanning & Camping

  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)/motorhomes
  • Caravans, mini caravans and folding trailers
  • Camping vans and panel vans
  • Accessories and facilities for motorhomes
  • Tents of all kinds, e.g. awnings, house tents, car roof top tents, family tents
  • Camping equipment and accessories
  • Off-road vehicles and accessories
  • Expert and consulting offers
  • Grill & BBQ
  • Additional offerings (leasing, financing, specialist literature)

That's why you should visit the Caravanning & Camping section

In the Caravanning & Camping area at t f.re.e, everything can be found under one roof: from the huge selection of tents to necessary camping gear and all the way to the right travel tips. Supplement or buy new camping equipment and save yourself the time required to get all the individual parts in various shops.

Get advice and benefit from the experience of the camping professionals.

Tip: If you are thinking of buying a new motorhome, f.re.e is the right place for you. There you will find various types of motorhomes in one place. See for yourself. Take your time to compare the products and make the right decision for you.