Bicycles. From E-Bikes to City Bikes

Test the new models on site on exciting test tracks, compare the different types of bikes, get tips directly from experts and just have fun. Pedal your way!

E-bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes

Regardless of whether as a mobility concept or as a recreational device, at you will find all the models from well-known manufacturers and trendy bike manufacturers. Get an overview of the market offer or get the best tips for beautiful cycling tours and vacations with bicycles. And the best part: You can jump onto the saddle on site and test the new bikes immediately.

The product range in the Bicycles area

  • E-bikes, MTB, racing bikes, trekking bikes, fatbikes, city bikes, children's bikes, special wheels, cargo bikes, eScooters
  • Bicycle accessories: From bicycle trailers to bicycle helmets and all the way to navigation devices
  • Bike trips and bike routes
  • Expert advice given by the ADFC (German Cyclist’s Association) and TransAlp crossing in cooperation with DAV (German Alpine Association)

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Jasmin Böhm , book author about traveling by bicycle from Germany to Turkey with her little son
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Discover the exhibitors and brands that were represented at 2024 and get to know the diversity of our exhibitors and brands. Find out here specifically about bicycle exhibitors and brands.

See all exhibitors in the Bicycles area

Experience more with our Bicycles supporting program

Which bike fits your needs best? What is the best way to ride a mountain bike? How much power does an e-bike have? In order to find that out, we have built two different bike tracks for you at the big bicycle track and the mountain bike track.

Test it yourself. Ride your rounds with the e-bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes or special bikes on the test tracks, compare the gears, saddle, aerodynamics or the hardness of the shock absorbers, and take your time to find the best product.

The Bike Stage

Discover what is possible in the saddle and on two wheels: At the Bike Stage, experts and professional cyclists give valuable tips and suggestions for your next cycling tour and provide useful information on handling bicycles.

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The complete supporting program 2024

  • The test tracks on the big bike track & mountain bike track
  • Gorilla Playground
  • Mountain bike technical training
  • ADFC riding safety trainings
  • TransAlp consultation with the DAV
  • Open bicycle workshop
  • Comprehensive program of talks
  • Spectacular bike shows

Become an exhibitor in the Bicycles area

Brand-conscious, willing to invest and active—Your audience is ready to spend money on their special leisure interests. Take advantage of the high visitor quality of and be there as an exhibitor!

Find out more about your benefits as an exhibitor

The Bicycles area: Facts and figures

  • A wide range of offers: In Hall B6 you will find your suitable sales environment, together with manufacturers and dealers of bicycle types such as eBikes, city bikes, mountain bikes and special bikes. Dealers in navigation systems and cycle accessories as well as a separate area for cycle travel round off the theme.
  • Target group with purchasing power: Visitors to have an average monthly household net income of EUR 4,220. Many of them have a specific buying interest in the area of bicycles.
  • Product experience as a sales factor: Nothing is more convincing than the product itself! On two extensive bike courses , visitors can test your products directly on site before buying.
  • Additional presentation platforms: The moderated bicycle stage gives you as an exhibitor additional presentation opportunities for your offer. Through inspiring contributions, you increase your reach and meet potential customers outside your stand—without any additional costs.
  • Attractive supporting program: High-class expert information enriches the cycling area and attracts an interested audience, e.g. at the information stand of the ADFC Bayern or by expert speakers on the cycling stage. Breathtaking shows and informative workshops further enliven the area.
  • Sales-promoting synergies: At you will meet a mobile and active target group—a potential you should use for yourself! Caravanners in particular are also potential buyers of bikes and e-bikes—talk to them!