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Travel. Your vacation begins at f.re.e!

Whoever wants to see the world must travel the world! To ensure that you choose the right destination, you can find travel deals for far and near.

Start your vacation planning at f.re.e

Enjoy anticipation of the best time of the year. Good planning is necessary for a good vacation. Are you going into the mountains or to the sea? Do you want to go on a package tour or take an individual trip to exotic foreign countries Are you going on a cruise or do you prefer to sail yourself?

At f.re.e, you will find all travel offers from nearby to far away, from an inexpensive vacation to the exciting adventure journey. Detailed advice, exclusive insider tips and informative experience reports included.

Trade fair offers

Benefit from special trade fair offers, compare destinations or simply get new ideas. Whoever plans his or her vacation in a timely manner finds the most beautiful hotels, the cheapest flights, the fantastic vacation apartment, or the most exciting cruises and still has enough time and money for a short getaway or city break in between.

How about a side trip to our partner country Croatia , for example?

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Bavaria, Germany or the Alpine regions

You can find a broad variety of offers for holiday in Bavaria, Germany or the Alpine regions.

Discover new destinations for hiking, bike touring & city strips as well as a lot of sights and opportunities for your leisure.

They are easy to reach even if you have only time for a short break or on weekends.

Recharge your energy and spot the region!

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Cruises & Boat Trips—enter the sea now!

Discover the seven seas with one of the ocean giants or the winding banks of the Loire River and start your cruise at f.re.e.

All are on board here: an offer ranging from the individual boat trip with the houseboat to the charming Danube river cruise and deep-sea cruises.

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Get all the information you need for your cruise

Taking a cruise or a boat trip is more than an experience. It is a different way of going on vacation with many unforgettable moments. A ship is a destination in itself. The world on board is almost a magical place. Learn at f.re.e how many different ship types, deals and travel types there are on the water.

On a cruise, you travel to many unusual holiday destinations within a very short time, often even to different countries or continents. At f.re.e, you will find all the exciting travel routes and destinations that you can best reach by ship. Look forward to our inspiring travel ideas, our high-quality exhibitors and your unforgettable trip.

Were you already a guest on a club ship or on a Nile Cruise, and now you want to even charter a boat or dare to go on your own sailing trip?

Then you are exactly at the right place at f.re.e. You receive all the necessary information and tips you need for a houseboat vacation, an exciting river cruise or a well-planned sailing trip. Skipper and boaters take note! In free sailing trip advice at fre.e, sailing ship experts give insider tips and advice for taking off into unknown waters.

All inclusive: Expert advice and booking possibilities

In addition to the many different travel offers that you can compare with each other, at f.re.e you will receive detailed advice from experts directly on site.

Get the information you are interested in, ask about the particularities of the vacation site and obtain intensive advice.

Tip: You can book worldwide destinations directly at f.re.e and personally discuss special requests.

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Discover places of desire: On the BR show stage

The way to f.re.e is the first step into a vacation. Whoever comes to f.re.e can be sure: the vacation feeling already starts in the planning stage. Get lots of impressions at our experience trade fair and in the supporting program as well as information about vacation spots from which you have always dreamed.

The great travel stage provides you with experience reports, interesting conversations, entertainment and tips dealing with all aspects of your dream vacation. You can only find the appropriate destination and the perfect experience when you know all the vacation possibilities that exist.

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That’s why you should plan your vacation at f.re.e

Whoever plans his or her vacation in a timely manner definitely has an advantage.

At f.re.e, you don't just get a complete overview of travel deals, but you also get expert advice and a lot of tips and inspiration.

In addition, a visit to the experience trade fair f.re.e is like a separate, small short vacation. The large supporting program with celebrity guests will entertain and inform you as well as fire your enthusiasm.

Bonus: You can directly book trips to all places in the world at f.re.e. And if you are looking for accessories for your camping vacation, a bicycle tour or wellness products, you will find everything you need in the exhibition areas of f.re.e.