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Participation fees for your stand

Stand prices

The following prices are participation fees for stand space only¹ per square meter of exhibition space. They do not include designing, planning or building your stand or setup and dismantling, which you can take care of yourself. The minimum size is 9 square metres.

Stand typePrice

Row stand (1 side open)

117 EUR/m²

Corner stand (2 sides open)

124 EUR/m²

End stand (3 sides open)

130 EUR/m²

Island stand (4 sides open)
Island stand from 150 qm (4 sides open)

137 EUR/m²
130 EUR/m²

Prices for exhibitors with large exhibits

The graduated prices for large exhibits apply to exhibitors who fill at least 50% of the contiguously booked stand area with large exhibits (e.g. motorhome, caravan, tent (erected), bicycle, boat, canoe, surfboard). Large exhibits used as stand construction are excluded.

Stand spacePrice

from 30 m²

82 EUR/m²

from 100 m²

72 EUR/m²

from 250 m²

62 EUR/m²

from 500 m²

55 EUR/m²

from 750 m²

50 EUR/m²

Additional fees¹

Additional feePrice

Mandatory communications fee²

190 EUR

Fixed waste-disposal fee¹

3.00 EUR/m²

Energy cost surcharge³

1.50 EUR/m²

AUMA fee

0.60 EUR/m²

Registration fee for co-exhibitors

190 EUR

All prices subject to VAT.
¹ Please observe the Special Terms of Participation B
² The mandatory communications fee includes the basic entry in the exhibition catalog (online and mobile)
³ Differing from the Special Terms of Participation, an energy cost surcharge of 1.50 EUR/m² of rented exhibition space will be charged. In principle, the participation fee includes the costs for lighting, heating and air conditioning of the exhibition space. Due to the recent sharp rise in energy prices, we are forced to charge this energy cost surcharge in addition.

Application for main exhibitors

Simply use our online application form.