Exhibitor passes

Guide: Order exhibitor passes

The new ticketing system of Messe München enables you to manage this task effectively. And it helps you keep track of your exhibitor passes at all times. This user guide informs you about the most important steps.

Step 1: Exhibitor Shop

The Exhibitor Shop offers a lot of services that will help to make your participation at a success.

1.1 Exhibitor Shop login

First, please sign in to the Exhibitor Shop with your Messe München account. You receive the login data after your application for

Exhibitor Shop login

1.2 Select product exhibitor passes

Under "Passes and Tickets" you will find the section "Exhibitor passes".

Open product directly here

1.3 Start ticketing system

Click on the button "ticket management" to open the ticketing system

Step 2: Ticketing System

In the new ticketing system you can, for example:

  • order exhibitor passes,
  • enter the required personal data of your staff members, or simply upload it via an Excel file,
  • view all information about your exhibitor passes at any time

Tip: In the top left-hand corner of the red main menu bar, you can see how many free exhibitor passes are available to you for the stand you selected in the Exhibitor Shop. The menu on the left shows you which step you are currently working on.

2.1 Ordering exhibitor passes

  • Here you can assign exhibitor passes to yourself and your stand staff.
  • The billing will occur as set out in the leaflet.

To order exhibitor passes please follow these steps:

  1. Start process
    • You will now be given information about the registration process and be guided to the next menu item via "Next step".
  2. Select e-mail template
    • Here you will find the e-mail template you can use to invite your staff. It features a link through which your staff can register their ticket. Be sure to also select the language: you can send the e-mail in German or English. In the context of your current order, all e-mails will be sent in the language you have selected.
  3. Personal data
    • In this menu, you enter data of your colleagues to whom you want to assign exhibitor passes. This can be done either manually or by uploading an Excel list.
    • Important: Please be sure to provide a personalized e-mail address for each staff member. Otherwise your employees cannot register their exhibitor pass. The system will therefore alert you if you assign an e-mail address twice, allowing you to correct it.
  4. Verify
    • You can check all your input again, including the language setting for sending e-mails. If everything is correct, just click on "Confirm information". Otherwise, please use the options at the bottom of the window to cancel the process or make corrections.
  5. Confirmation
    • This menu item will show you that the e-mail has been sent to your staff. They are now able to register their exhibitor passes.
  6. 2.2 Managing Exhibitor Passes

    • Here you will find information about all passes ordered and their status.
    • In addition, you can resend e-mails, download or disable passes.